August 29, 2009

Two In A Row!

What the heck is going on? You get nothing but the same old post greeting you for weeks and then suddenly there are two posts in a row. I'll tell you what's happening. A heat wave. It was 106 degrees in the sun today (99 in the shade). And it just so happens that my office (which is where my laptop is now that I've cleared the piles and piles and bags and boxes of clutter off my desk) is the coolest place in the house outside the refrigerator. That's how my desk got cleared off. On Day One of the heat wave I spent the entire day down here de-cluttering because it was just too hot to do anything else. And now we've just come back from a very long tour of Cost Plus World Market where Warren and I closely inspected every single item in the store, in order to savor the climate control just a little bit longer, while Jerry parked himself on a comfy chair and played his DS for an hour (made me think of this article about Ikea in China). Now we're home with a bottle of white wine (a state fair silver medal winner!) in the refrigerator and some time to relax before starting dinner.

My plan was to lay down in the bedroom with a book because I'd just picked up a copy of Raising Freethinkers at the library, but even the bedroom (which is usually fairly cool) was sweltering. So here I am with nothing to say and blogging anyway.

By the way, I think I'm going to switch to a new blog. I can hardly call myself the "New Unschooler" anymore now that we're starting our third year of it. I'm not sure when I'll switch (I need a new name first) but it will be coming soon.

Well, that bottle should be cool enough by now. I'm off to the kitchen for a glass of wine and then I'm going to start my book. It may be hot, but a good book and a glass of cold wine should do the trick!

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