August 28, 2009

Paris Pics

Here we are at the train station in Tours waiting for the train to Paris. We ended up with the very same taxi driver on both trips to and from the train station. Weird, huh?
The apartment in Paris was a studio in Monmartre at the foot of a long staircase leading up to Sacre Coeur. Here's Summer and Jerry torturing Warren (again) at the dining table. The couch behind them opened into a bed. That's where Jerry and Warren slept.Summer and I slept (and read) on the bed.
Jerry had downloaded a bunch of Bleach episodes while we were still in Tours and he watched one a day in Paris.One of the first things Warren and I did after the exhausting trip on the train, subway and through the streets with all our luggage was relax with a cold beer. Every morning Warren and I woke up before Summer and Jerry and snuck out to walk down the street for coffee. Those few moments of private time together were one of the highlights of our stay in Paris for me and Warren.
We stopped in the the Orangerie museum for a quick look at Monet's waterlilies. I'm so glad we made the time to see them.

Holly recommended the hot chocolate at Angelina's and we were not disappointed. It was delicious. And so were the macaroons. And the ice cream sundaes.
There was a fun fair right across the street where we went on a few rides and had an all-around great time. It started raining while we were on one of the rides but that just added to the fun.We breezed through the Louvre. Or we tried to anyway. Our feet were killing us but we managed to see the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Egyptian room. We lost Summer for a while, which was bit scarry, but we found her in the end.

Two things we were really looking forward to were chocolate fondue and flower shaped gelato cones.

The city of Paris makes park of the walkway along the Seine into the "Paris Plage" for the summer. They have chairs and sand and musical performances. It was nice but the kids were disappointed that there was no swimming.
We saw Voltaire's tomb. Love that guy.
One of many pictures of the Eiffel Tower.
Sacre Coeur was especially beautiful at night.
The technology museum was one of my favorites. Here's an old printing press. Very advanced technology in its day!
These wooded balls were also at the technology museum but I can't remember what they're called. Every piece is carved as a whole even though there are many seprate, interlocking parts. They were amazing.

This was taken near Victor Hugo's house.
Jerry and Summer became pros at navigating the subway and snagging a seat during rush hour (which was pretty much all day long).
We made the usual pilgrimage to Shakespeare and Co.
After having most of our meals at little bistros we opted for a fancier meal our last night in France.

Then we went to Notre Dame
where we watched some amazing roller bladers and fire throwers before taking a cruise along the Seine.
We flew back in to Sacramento where Jerry's cousin Carson was very happy to see us.
Some of the Paris highlights that didn't make it onto our cameras were our tour of the Opera Garnier, a fashion show (Summer and I went to that one on our own), the automatons at the magic museum and getting rained out at the Eiffel Tower. Getting rained out may not sound very fun, but it was so crazy (buckets of rain and thunder and lightening and we were in the middle of the park with only trees for cover) that we just had to laugh--and run as fast as we could for shelter.

Of course, now that we're back it feels like we never went--except for when I look at the photos. We have some videos that I'll post soon, too. When I post those I'll be sure to regale you with the humiliating tale of how I couldn't walk out of the airport bathroom unassisted and explain why I needed a wheelchair to get from one gate to another. Yeah, that was fun.

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