August 9, 2009

Honest Scrap

Holly at Unschool Days has given me an award!

It's an "Honest Scrap Award," given to bloggers who:
1) write soul-bearingly, thus exposing themselves to possible ridicule
2) have blogs that are "brilliant" in either content or design

Thanks Holly!

So, now I'm supposed to write "Ten Honest Things About Myself" and then pass the award on to another blogger who will do the same. Here we go.

Ten Honest Things About Me:

1. I recently sampled the very first bounty from my very first vegetable garden. It was a cucumber and it was the worst thing I've ever put into my mouth in my entire life. Bleck!

2. I love eating plums because of the way the juice explodes from the fruit on first bite and drips all over your face and hands. But my favorite fruit is the apricot. (Can you tell I'm hungry?)

3. I met Warren en route to a Grateful Dead concert at Shoreline Amphitheater when I was 20. By the end of the weekend I knew he was "the one." Our son is named after Jerry Garcia.

4. My favorite book is I Capture the Castle and my favorite movie is Il Postino. Or La Fille Sur le Pont. Or The Princess Bride. Or Amelie. Actually, I guess I don't really have one favorite movie.

5. I just finished reading "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." I loved it!

6. I don't have very many close friends in Los Angeles. They all seem to move away a year or two after getting to know me. (Coincidence?)

7. Jerry had a bike accident in 2006 in England. He was taken to a hospital in Scarborough. Warren was eight hours away in London. I had asked the doctor (who had the most beautiful green eyes, by the way) if Warren should come up from London and he said to wait until we knew the extent of Jerry's injuries. I'll never forget the moment when the doctor finally said, "Your husband should be here." It was the scariest moment of my life. But, in a way that accident turned out to be the greatest gift. I can never take Jerry's presence, or his laugh, or his beautiful face for granted after coming so close to living without him.

8. I was in two Miller's Outpost commercials when I was in college. Remember Miller's Outpost?

9. When Jerry was going to the Waldorf school I was in charge of costumes. The day before the big yearly fair I was looking for one particular, very important, costume, but it was gone. I'd been searching for nearly an hour when I asked one of the teachers if she had any suggestions on where I might find it. She told me to "talk to the gnomes about human babies." Sometimes, she said, they hide things. Telling them about human babies will often convince them to give it back. I wanted to punch her. But, instead, I went back down to the costume room and looked (silently--I wasn't about to talk to any stupid gnomes about any stupid babies) for the costume again. After about 30 minutes of searching, I threw up my hands and said, aloud, "Fine. Human babies are really cute. They have cute little toes, and ears and they smell really good. Happy?" No response. Then I turned around and noticed a bag I hadn't seen before, shoved into a corner. The costume was inside.

10. I'm an eternal optimist except for the hours between 2 am and 5 am when, if I happen to be awake, I'm certain I have inoperable cancer, or that people I love will die (soon), or that we'll never find a way to dispose of all the garbage we create, or that I might get buried alive... And except for when I get too happy. A moderate amount of happy is fine . But too happy is what happens in movies right before someone dies. Too happy makes me nervous. But, really, in general, I'm a very happy person. I swear.

And now, just to stir things up a bit, here are Ten Dishonest Things About Me:

1. I'm very neat and organized.
2. I love horror movies.
3. I love shopping for clothes.
4. I have never smoked pot or dropped acid.
5. I meet deadlines well before they approach. (Never ever the day of. Or the day after.)
6. When someone tells me to do something I automatically want to jump up and follow their suggestion. For example, when it's late at night and I'm falling asleep on the couch and Warren says "You should just go to bed." I'm always happy to follow his advice. I don't stay on the couch on principle even if I think going to bed is actually a very good idea. That's just stupid. I would never do that.
7. I'm perfectly at ease in large groups of people that I don't know and never feel the urge to run and hide.
8. I hate camping and would never in a million years consider going a whole week without taking a shower.
9. I hate sweets. Especially flourless chocolate cake with hazelnut sauce and creme brulee.
10. I don't understand these people that say they're "learning all the time." Seriously, what is the deal with that? You put in your time at school and then you're done. You don't have to learn anymore, so why waste your time? I already know everything I need to know.

And now I'd like to pass the Honest Scrap Award on to (drum roll, please).....

Zayna's Garden. Woo hoo!! Zayna is always honest and funny and she writes lovely poetry to boot!

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