October 8, 2009

Books & Birthdays

I am very excited about this book! Scott Westerfeld is the author of the Uglies series, which I absolutely loved. (Even though they're categorized are young adult books, I highly recommend them to anyone of any age.) I'm very irritated about one thing, though. I've just discovered that I missed Westerfeld's book signing in L.A. by one day. Yes, I found out about the book yesterday, checked for book signings this morning and discovered they had just happened last night. He's already on his way to San Francisco. Oh well. I'm still hoping to get a signed copy, and in the meantime I've ordered the audio book so Jerry and I can listen to it while driving (or cleaning, or doing art projects, or whatever). Cory Doctorow, of boing boing, described the book like this:
Leviathan is set in an alternate steampunk past, in which the powers of the world are divided into "Clankers" who favour huge, steam-powered walking war-machines; and "Darwinists," whose hybrid "beasties" can stand in for airships, steam-trains, war-ships, and subs (they even have a giant squid/octopus hybrid called the kraken that can seize whole warships and drag them to their watery graves).
Awesome, eh!?

In other news, we're keeping up our busy schedule. My niece will be spending Wednesdays with us from now on. I'll be taking her to circus class each week. Yesterday after class (and after dog walking and completely forgetting about Jerry's Japanese class) I took her to see September Issue at the movie theater. We both liked it, but it felt a bit long. Still, it's an interesting look into the world of fashion and Summer thinks she'd like to have a career in fashion (or she did until she saw the movie!).

I've got a fabulous birthday dinner planned for Jerry on Sunday. I'm gathering up all of Jerry's favorite people in one place at one time. It will be pretty amazing for him, I think. The guest list includes: Mai and Willem, Jerry's Japanese teacher and her husband; Xiquan, our former boarder and Caltech student from China; Poliana, Jerry's beloved former babysitter; and the icing on the cake, coming all the way from San Francisco, Lyssa, the very first college student to live with us and someone very near and dear to Jerry's heart (this one will be a surprise for Jerry!). We're only missing a few favorite people, and one of them (who lives in Kansas, another former boarder of ours) did stop by for a visit earlier in the week, so that was lucky. She just happened to be in town for a wedding. Warren will be off work so he'll be there, too. And Jerry's best friend is coming as well. I'm looking forward to a very special celebration of Jerry's 14th birthday.

And now I need to get ready to go to my weekly gig helping out a 94-year-old friend and adopted grandfather, Sol.

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