October 19, 2009

Wild Things

I love, love, loved Where the Wild Things Are. Sometimes it was a little slow and you were just waiting for the next thing to happen, but it was beautiful and touching and heartbreaking and uplifting all at once. And the Wild Things were amazing, as was the boy who played Max. My parents came down this weekend and we went to see it at a beautiful old theater near our house.

In other news, Jerry has met another 14-year-old unschooler who also loves Bleach! I know no one will replace Yulia (his friend who just moved to Texas) but this comes at a very good time since he's still really missing her. He likes the unschooler park day in Santa Monica on Fridays (which is where he met this boy). It's much smaller than our usual park day (he never goes to that one anymore) and not quite as overwhelming. The thing that has kept us from going to Santa Monica more frequently this past year is that it's on the other side of town and Friday afternoon is a notoriously bad time to drive across town. Since most people don't arrive at the park until later, our drive out there takes at least and hour and the ride home (if we don't have dinner or see a movie after we leave) can take almost two hours! (Without traffic it takes 30 minutes.) Still, it's worth the drive since Jerry enjoys it. Last week we were going to see a movie afterward but missed it so we ended up driving home at 5:30, which is how I know it can take up to 2 hours to get home. Anyway, that's what audiobooks were made for, right?

Oh, the Monty Python documentary started on IFC this week! We watched the first episode last night. It's really good. I recommend that, too. Hmmm, we were thinking of having a movie marathon today. Maybe it should start with The Life of Brian....

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