April 5, 2010

Book Drive for African Library

You know how when you want to do something, you want to do in now? And it's so frustrating to have to wait. That's how I was feeling about the volunteer vacation and Africa. And then I found this organization. It's called the African Library Project. And they do the exact thing I was wanting to do! They start libraries in Africa! So, I've contacted them and I'm organizing a book drive! I'm so excited!! (That should explain all the exclamation marks.)!!

Each library consists of 1,000 books and I'll be collecting those books for a community library. So I'll need kids books, school books, and books about business, gardening, animal husbandry,  etc., but all of it at a fairly easy reading level. From my own book shelves I've collected 65 books to send. And I've found some National Geographic magazines on LAReuseIt (it's like Freecycle). It's so amazing to think that I can do something as big as bringing an entire library to a community of people that live so far away. Of course, I'm not doing it alone, but it's so overwhelming and invigorating to think that I'm the one in charge of collecting all those books. I'm getting the homeschool community involved and have started a website with more information. Please have a look at the site and pass it on (or post a link on your own blog). If you have a few books you'd like to include you can send them to me via media mail. I just need them by May 15. The books will be shipping out on May 25 (the day before I leave for the LIFE is Good Conference) and I'll need some time to pack and organize them. If you don't have books to send, but you'd like to donate toward the cost of shipping that would be really helpful, too. We need to come up with $500 to ship the books (they go via boat). I still need to find out the best way for people to donate, but I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

If you're as excited as I am about this project, maybe you'd want to organize your own book drive. As homeschoolers we certainly have the right kind of books at home on our shelves. The African Library Project does need more people organizing book drives, so if you're interested check out their site and read the Book Drive Guidelines to find out if you're up to the task.

In other news, we had a very nice Easter at Warren's step-mom's house. The kids hunted for eggs, we ate lots of good food, and then played a really fun dice game. The highlight of my weekend, however, was Saturday morning when I shared some kugel with my 94-year-old friend, Sol. He made it himself and I felt sure that I was one of only a few people (Sol's family included) who would ever be lucky enough to be served a delicious hot meal made by someone who has been on the planet for such a good, long time. I know Sol appreciates everything I do for him (I help him stay organized, read his mail, pull weeds, etc.), but I don't think he knows how much I appreciate him. I guess I'd better be sure to tell him next time I see him. I'll have to write more about him sometime. In the meantime, you can read about him here.

Oh, there's more good news! I am officially finished with my grandma's estate. The last checks went out on Saturday. And then on Sunday morning I went through the five boxes of my grandma's papers that had been cluttering up my office (I had to make room for those books!). There will still be little things to do here and there, but the big things are finished and I'm both relieved and sad. I feel like it closes the final chapter of my grandma's life.

That's all for now. It's cold and rainy here in Southern California today. I'm going to go make myself a cup of tea, get out my school books and do some reading and homework under a nice cozy blanket.


little castle said...

We'd love to donate some books to help out! Just send me an email on how we can do so, and I'll get them out this week.


Colleen said...

That's great, Krystal. Thanks! I can't find your e-mail address on your profile page but you can e-mail me at ckpaeff at gmail dot com (I spell it out whenever I post my e-mail online to avoid getting spammed.)

Shady Lady said...

Our books are packed, but I'd be happy to donate some money for shipping. What a cool thing you're doing!!

Sheri said...

What a great idea and such a worthy cause. I'll go through our books and send you an e-mail to get details. I'd also be happy to contribute to the shipping fund.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea Colleen. And you are such a blessing to Sol too.

Was cool hearing Jerry's voice on the x-box thing the other night when J was playing him. He sounds so grown up!