April 7, 2010

I Heart Humans

I'm supposed to be writing a post on how Warren is handling the unschooling thing these days (hint: he's still on the fence), but I've been studying for midterms so I don't have time to write it. However, I did want to take a couple minutes to write about how much I love the human race. People are so wonderful. Already, one blogger has sent me a box of books for the book drive, and others have offered to donate money for shipping. My family and friends are forwarding my e-mail about the book drive and linking to the web site on Facebook and Twitter. People are offering books and offering to help pack the books and, thankfully, my initial panic (feeling like the entire village is relying on me--and me alone--to get them their library) is starting to subside. I love people.

And, as an aside, I also love my new deck furniture. (There it is in the Pottery Barn catalog.) After a year of no furniture on our new deck, I finally found the exact set I've been waiting for on Craigslist. And we bought it. And I'm sitting on it now--studying and blogging and eating Warren's leftover pizza. Yes, I love my deck furniture.

But I love people more.


Shady Lady said...

The book drive you are doing is awesome!! And I love your new deck furniture!!!

Sheri said...

So glad to hear about the positive response for the book drive. Being inspired is a great feeling but its made even better when you know you've inspired others as well.

And wow, your deck furniture is nicer than my house furniture. :)

Anonymous said...

I love you AND your deck furniture!