April 27, 2010


Jerry's latest passion is the World of Warcraft game. I don't know much about it, but I did recently read an article about how "video games are becoming the new hotbed of scientific thinking for kids today." And WoW was featured heavily in the article. Then, yesterday, we were driving over to Jerry's dog walking job and he started talking about selling stuff on the game (things like tools or potions, I think). He said he always sells his stuff really fast because he looks at the prices other people are selling the same or similar items for and then he prices his items one to five gold pieces lower.

So, science and economics education via World of Warcraft. Cool.

Big thanks to Susan for posting about my book drive on her blog! It never occurred to me to ask before, but if you have your own blog, please consider telling your readers, too.


Sheri said...

Daughter and Hubby are avid WoW players and I can't begin to describe everything she's learned from it.

But what I can see are reinforced math skills, improved typing skills, critical thinking and problem solving. On the social side there's meeting new players from all over the world, co-operating and negotiating for the benefit of all.

I haven't yet read the article you linked to but I look forward to it.

I do think the value of this game as a learning tool is highly underestimated by some.

Diane said...

My 14 year old daughter is really into this game. She has Asperger's, and the social connections have been great for her. She also wrote an economics paper last year (BH: before homeschooling) on the market economy in WoW!) It's definitely a learning environment.

sgaissert said...

My pleasure, Colleen. I'll be sending my book to you soon. The 15th is rapidly approaching.