May 2, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop

We went to see the documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" yesterday. It was awesome! The film is rated R, but it's only for language (Jerry says the f-word was used four times, but I only heard it once). It would be a shame for people to steer their kids away from this movie because of the rating. (Stupid MPAA–but that's another story.) The film gave us so much to talk about. Jerry's friend Augie commented that the main subject of the documentary didn't seem to notice any barriers when he set out to do something. Where most people would say, "I can't do that because I'm not an artist" or come up with other stumbling blocks, thus guy just barreled right through them. The story was fascinating and the film itself was really well done (and hilariously funny). Shepard Fairey features heavily in the movie, which was cool because his studio is really near our house. And we saw lots of street art that we recognized.

After the movie we walked over to Amoeba Music (we were in Hollywood) where Jerry's friend bought some t-shirts to take back home to New Zealand. Warren found a used copy of Idiocracy (one of the funniest movies ever) and I found lots of other documentaries that I want to watch, but haven't seen yet. We had thought we would go to the Santa Monica pier after the movie, but decided to eat dinner at home and once we got home and the boys started playing Halo none of us felt much like leaving the house. So Warren and I poured a couple glasses of wine and hunkered down for a nice evening at home.

Today is Augie's last day with us and we have a full schedule: Hollywood Farmer's Market, pick up Augie's Uncle Glenn, lunch at our house with Glenn, go to Whole Foods to stock up on goodies for Augie to take home to his family in NZ, meet up with friends in Topanga who have some pots (not pot) for Augie to take home, eat some dinner, get to the airport by 8 pm.

I have some very exciting book drive news. My friend Maria was able to get us an encyclopedia set for $8!! She got it at a library book sale on the last day when they were giving things away for $2/bag. I'm so happy! Not including the encyclopedia, we're up to 511 books, which is just past the half way mark. We still have two weeks to go and I'll be getting books from a friend in San Diego on Tuesday and from Corona and Sacramento at the end of the week. I have to admit that I did finally break down and but a few books off the Amazon wish list I made up. I've been trying not to spend my own money on books, because I know I'm going to end up paying for a good portion of the shipping, but it's really hard! So I ordered some of the books that were only $.01 used, which made them $4 with shipping. I ordered 11 books in all. One was more expensive, but I really thought it was an important book for the collection. I must say, this library thing has really made me stop and think before I buy something for myself. At Amoeba yesterday I was thinking of buying a used copy of Rivers and Tides (a fabulous documentary about landscape sculptor Andy Goldsworthy), but then I put it back when I thought about how that $15 could buy three books for the African library.

Time to get off the computer now and start the day!

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Cate said...

Sounds like a cool film. Hope it is available down here so that we can see it.