May 12, 2010

Mother's Day Update

Sorry. I know sporadic posting is really annoying. I just don't have much to say on the ol' blog these days. After all, it was all about angst in the beginning and there's just not a lot of angst going around the house these days. Here's a quick update, though.

Mother's day was really nice. Jerry went to bed relatively early the night before, so he could spend the day with me without being zombified. Warren made me breakfast, then we walked around the reservoir, Jerry was up when we got back, so we all headed out to Manhattan beach where Warren and I shared a coffee and Jerry had a bagel. We walked out onto the pier, but the cold wind drove us back up to main street where we browsed at a book store (and I bought a few books for the book drive which I really have to stop doing). We looked at a rundown shack for sale near the beach and were flabbergasted when we heard the price ($2.9 mil). Then we drove up to Venice Beach and had lunch at my favorite restaurant, Gaby's Mediterranean, which is apparently becoming a tradition because we ate there on Mother's Day last year, too. Back at home we each did our own thing for a while (my thing was organizing book drive books--it makes me so happy). Then Warren and I walked down to the wine shop and bought several bottle of white wine, came home, sat on our lovely new deck furniture and drank a couple glasses of wine. It really was a lovely day.

In other news, the book drive is moving along splendidly. This Friday is my last day for accepting books, so naturally I've got several pick ups planned for this week. Then, this weekend will be all about finalizing the collection and preparing to box it up (with a brief intermission to attend the Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest). By the way, if anyone has purchased books from the wish list at Amazon and had them sent directly to me, please tell me. I got some books the other day but there was no receipt so I don't know who sent them. If it was you, send me an e-mail so I can thank you!

We're going to see Ben Folds tonight (Jerry, too). So we're all looking forward to that. Classes are going well. I have to write a resume (due next week) which is a bit of a challenge since my paying jobs in the last 14 years have been few and far between (and extremely part-time). I'll just have to spin the volunteer stuff I've done into work skills.

Hmmmm. I feel like there was something else I wanted to mention. Oh, right! I have two articles to share with you.

This article is a celebration of slackers and a reminder that "once a slacker not always a slacker."

And Celebrate: Save a Mother, by Nicholas Kristoff on Mother's Day, is a call to change Mother's Day, a holiday which celebrates relatively few mothers, into Mothers' Day, a day to celebrate and make the world safe, for all mothers. He offers some great ideas for how to do this in the article.

Now, I need to get busy. No sitting at the computer for me today (unless I'm doing homework).


Shady Lady said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Mothers' Day. I'm so excited for you that the book drive is doing well! Looking forward to meeting you IRL!! =)

Cate said...

What a lovely day - I do hope that they were NZ whites you were sipping :-)

You have done an amazing job with your book drive girl!