February 9, 2008

Auckland - Day One

It's Sunday morning here (I've been waking up at the crack of dawn) and I'm absolutely overwhelmed by the fabulous hospitality extended to us by Cate and her family. Our first Saturday in Auckland couldn't have been better--but first I'll catch you up on Friday.

After Warren picked us up from the airport he took us to the hotel and showed us around the area a bit. Our hotel is right in the middle of Auckland's business district next to the Sky Tower. At first I was disappointed because the apartment looked so drab (it looked much better on the hotel website) but as soon as we were unpacked the place felt much more like home--not our home yet, but a home none the less.

This is Jerry's room in the midst of our unpacking.

Warren showed us around the neighborhood then headed off to work. Jerry and I spent the day at the hotel. Jerry played with some of the surprise toys and games I had packed for him and set up his Play Station (yep, we brought it along). I slept, organized, reorganized, drank lots of tea, watched the boats in the harbor and made lunch. Then we both went down to the swimming pool. There were two really sweet girls from England at the pool that Jerry ended up playing with. They couldn't wrap their heads around the fact that he was a boy though. They kept calling him a she. He didn't seem to care. It happens to him all the time actually and he just rolls with it. He still doesn't want to cut those locks.

Back at the hotel room we had dinner then I sat on the deck and finished reading Coraline (Yes, definitely freaky but really good!) while Jerry made a stop motion film of a flower coming to life. It was so good and I was really looking forward to posting it on my blog but just as he was about to save it his computer froze and the file was lost. He didn't react too badly but about two minutes later he was crying because he was missing his best friend and wanting to go home. I tucked him into bed, gave him a head massage and he drifted off to sleep. Warren got home around 9:30 and we had some wine, which completely knocked me out, and then drifted off to sleep ourselves.

So that was day one. I'm going to go ahead and post this and write about day two later. I'll have some great photos to share with you from our evening with Cate and exciting news about a possible move to the suburbs!

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