February 19, 2008

Sweet Relief

Good things are happening here. I don't have much time to write about them because we're heading out to a "Socialsing in the Park" event for unschoolers today and Jerry is out of clean underwear and I need a shower and the dishes need to be washed and I need to get directions for taking the bus and--you get the picture. I just wanted to give you a quick rundown of what's been going on.

1. I bought Jerry a moonstone and told him it would help with his homesickness. According to the all-knowing internet, Moonstones are supposed to "help one to feel less overwhelmed by personal feelings and allow one to accept new beginnings." He's keeping it in his pocket at all times now and says it's doing the trick. Of course, it first started to work it's magic when...

2. We spent Sunday night at the home of the fabulous Middlemas family (a walking endorsement for unschooling if ever there was one) and went to Goat Island with them for their son's 11th birthday on Monday. Warren was with us for dinner at their place on Sunday and we got to meet some of their extended family and homeschooling friends. We had a great time. Then Monday we drove north and were able to see some of the countryside on our way to Goat Island Marine Reserve, where the fish come right up to you in the water. We were treated to a trip on a glass-bottom boat and learned how to identify the fish we'd been seeing in the water. Then we stopped at the Warkworth Honey Centre on our way home and had a snack, watched the bees doing their thing, and bought some beeswax candles and honey.

3. We've been spending more time running through the hallways of our hotel and exploring places we haven't seen yet. We went to the gym and had a five minute workout and went swimming in the lap pool instead of the usual outdoor pool. We even spent about 30 seconds in the sauna.

4. We've gotten a couple Pay (through the nose) Per View movies at $14.90 each, throwing fiscal responsibility to the wind.

5. We finally have a video rental card thanks to the guy we'll be renting the house from. He's letting us use his. So yesterday we rented five DVDs.

6. We've been laughing more.

7. Jerry actually agreed to go out to dinner last night so we walked around the Viaduct and decided we would go on a boat trip on an America's Cup-type yacht. That should be really fun. I'm hoping to go tomorrow.

8. Our schedule is really filling up with fun places to go and people to see and meet. (We're going to meet Shell today at the park!!)

9. We're moving into a house in six days and then we'll have more internet access, better television stations, and a cute little neighborhood to call our own. We're going to get a scooter for Jerry once we get there and maybe borrow a couple bikes to make getting around more fun.

So all in all we seem to be moving in the right direction. I have lots of pictures to share but they're all still on my camera so I'll have to post them later.

We're off to the park!

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