February 1, 2008

A Normal Family

Well, I know I said I was going to neglect my blog but something happened today that I wanted to write about. Jerry had a complete meltdown. He sobbed and sobbed and said he didn't want to go to New Zealand. He just wants his dad to come home and he wants to be a normal family with a normal dad that's not gone all the time. I said his dad didn't really go away all that much, but Jerry said he wasn't talking about when his dad was away. He meant when he was home. He wants a normal dad that's at work half the time and at home half the time, instead of at work 3/4 of the time and at home 1/4 of it. He kept saying over and over "I just want to be normal." It was so sad.

This was the first time he's ever really talked about how he feels about Warren's work. I listened and did my best honor his feelings. In the end, he pulled himself together and we went out for lunch. Later we talked about being normal and whether or not there was such a thing. I said I thought normalcy was way overrated anyway. He laughed and said maybe there were some normal families that wished for an abnormal life like his. I had to agree.

I'm ashamed to say I did not, in any way, miss the fact that, as heartbreaking as this scenario was (and believe me, it was), he was doing fractions.

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