February 6, 2008

Leaving Today

Today's the day. And in spite of what appeared to be a determined effort on the part of the Fates to keep us home, we will be flying down the freeway towards LAX by 6:30 p.m. Okay, maybe the Fates didn't intend to keep us here but they sure threw a few nails on the road. First of all, my grandmother went into the hospital with pneumonia on Sunday. Rainy weather kept us from our planned Legoland trip anyway, so we ended up spending the afternoon at the hospital. Then I cut my finger on a can of dog food--really badly. It's on the knuckle of my right index finger so I can't bend my finger. And my mother pointed out that I would probably require a tetanus shot. So, on Tuesday morning, the day that we were supposed to be starting the six hour drive to Sacramento to deliver our dog to my parents, I ended up waiting around for a phone call from my doctor so I could find out when my last tetanus shot was. Things started looking up though because she called by 10 to say I was in the clear. I'd had one in 2002. Then it took us eight hours to make the six hour trip because there was snow on the Grapevine (the pass between Southern and Central California) and road construction in two spots along the way.

Today, though, we're home safe. My parents are taking care of their grandog, Patsy. My Grandma is recovering and will probably be moved out of ICU today. (She promised not to die while I was away and if anyone can outmaneuver death it's my grandma.) I can bend my finger a little more than I could yesterday. I have a tax appointment with our accountant and I'm moderately prepared. Our laundry is done and ready to go into suitcases. And two excellent friends have offered to help with any lingering tasks that I can't finish before we leave (which I will probably have to take them up on). So, all is well.

Jerry's really conflicted about the trip but he's been a big help to me. He's looking forward to seeing his dad, going in the hotel pool, hitting the beach, and riding in a Zorb.

I'm looking forward to seeing Warren, to being finished with all the preparations for leaving, to traveling in New Zealand and the surrounding area (Australia and possibly Fiji!) and to meeting new friends. I've joined a NZ Unshoolers Yahoo! group and we've already been invited to meet or stay with some of the locals, in addition to meeting my blogger friend Cate. Oh, and just today fellow blogger Shell, who lives in Auckland, invited us to meet her family as well.

We have much to look forward to!

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