January 28, 2010

A Good Laugh

I was cleaning out the piles and boxes and bags of papers in my office this morning and came across the weekly homeschooling schedule I had made back when we started homeschooling at the beginning of Jerry's 6th grade year. Wanna guess how long this plan lasted?*

*Hint: You can count the days on one hand.


sgaissert said...

Very cute. I have an actual Teacher's Planner that I used for a while way back when. I think my favorite part was that I got to pretend I was a teacher when I wrote in it; I loved playing school as a little girl.

Zayna said...

Bahahahaha, omg Colleen!

That reminds me so much of all the schedules and timetables I've made.

None of which were followed.

Real life doesn't happen in little windows of time, no matter how many charts we make. :P

Great post.

Cate said...

Hahaha - yep, we had something like that for the first week too.......even use the kitchen table for that one week if I recall....

Cate said...

Tag - you're next :-)


Shady Lady said...

Holy cow!!! THAT is some schedule. We never tried a schedule...other stuff that didn't work, but not a schedule. It must have been a huge relief to find unschooling. I never read your early posts. Maybe I should head on back and take a look.