January 18, 2010

NYC Here We Come!

That's right! We're going to new York! We've been saying we were going to go for ages, but now the tickets are booked and it's really happening. We've planned it so we'll be there for the release of the new Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver games because Jerry's main reason for wanting to go to New York City is to visit the Nintendo World store and we're hoping there will be some sort of celebration or in store event for the big release. All three of our tickets were paid for with points on our credit card so the flight is only costing a $75 handling fee. And we'll (hopefully) stay with friends the whole time we're there--it's only a week. And we'll be there for Warren's birthday! So that's kind of cool. He's a little worried about money but I feel certain that we can get through the week without spending too much. If Warren has a job at that time, he'll only be able to stay for the weekend but I went ahead and booked his ticket for the full week just in case he can stay. I'll finally be able to see my friend Terri and her two boys, Jerry will visit his Mecca (Nintendo World), and Warren, well, he'll be along for the ride.

This has been such a great week. The best part was all the fun Jerry had with friends. He had three sleepovers this week (four if you count his cousin, Summer!).

On Friday night I went to see a Truffaut movie at the L.A. County Museum of Art called Mississippi Mermaid. I went all by myself and it was absolute bliss. The movie was so good and much funnier than I expected. Then, Saturday we had our dinner/game party, which was really fun (and hilariously funny). And the food turned out great. I made Taco salad, corn bread and apple pie, which everyone loved.

On Sunday I went to a dance class for the Jane Austen Ball and it was so. much. fun. I love dancing! It makes me so happy. I think I might start doing english country dancing more than just once or twice a year. And I'm also thinking about going back to salsa dancing because that was so fun and such good exercise. The only thing that keeps me from the salsa dancing is worrying that people might think I'm there for reasons other than dancing, but I've decided that I shouldn't care what people think. So if I can work it out I'll try to go dancing once a week. The guy that goes to the Jane Austen Ball with my friend, Angela, and I goes dancing once or twice a week and he says I'm welcome to join him so maybe I will...I just wish I had a local girlfriend that would go with me--still, I can't let that keep me from following my bliss onto the dance floor, right!?

Today it was pouring rain, but I went over to Sol's house (the 94-year-old gentleman who I help out) and had a really nice couple hours with him. Then I came home and lit a fire in the fireplace. Warren and I tried to watch a movie but the rain was so loud that we couldn't hear the dialog so we gave up and did some cleaning instead. I had to clean because I was looking for my missing book on baking bread. Luckily I found it and was able to make a beautiful loaf of bread with freshly ground flour from my grain mill! I just ate my first slice. :) And Warren just got home from returning Jerry's friend Nik to his parents. The boys had a great couple days together. They played XBox, got out some of Jerry old toys and played with those, made things with Legos, and just generally had a really great time.

Life is good. And the Jane Austen Ball is only six days away!!


Terri said...

Of course you're staying with us!
Can't wait!

Cate said...

Am so envious - NYC! - and I know that Jonathan will be even more so when I tell him where Jerry is off to :-)

Go you with the dancing - enjoy!

Zayna said...

I remember you writing about the Jane Austen ball last year.

It sounds like so much fun.

And NYC??? That's the closest to me I think you've traveled since we've been bloggin' buddies.

NYC is about 8 hours away from me by car. When exactly are you heading out this way?

Shady Lady said...

That Jane Austen Ball sounds so cool! I would love to learn how to dance. LK and I signed up for ballroom dance classes a few years ago, but then he had to go out of town on business. We missed two classes and were too far behind so we never went back. It is something we will do one day. Maybe when we're old...

NYC should be so much fun!!! I had no idea Nintendo had a World Store. Cool!