January 11, 2010

Lost Comments & A YA Reading List

All my comments are lost. That's sad new for any new unschoolers who are looking for advice, because in the early years of this blog most of the helpful advice could be found in the comments section. My role as the New Unschooler/Blogger was to freak out and make all kinds of mistakes and the commenter's role (thanks JJ!) was to talk me down and set me on the right path. I have the comments saved on my computer for now and hopefully will find a way to get them back onto my blog, but for now an important record of my growth as an unschooler is gone.

In other news, I'm helping my friend Terri with a new blog for her business. So I'll be posting here a few (or a couple...or maybe one) times a week. Those posts will be more general parenting-type stuff--no pouring out my soul. That only happens here. :)

Warren has been visiting his mom for the last two days and my house is a disaster. Since he's been off work he's the resident maid (when he's working we don't have one) and now that he's gone I can sure feel the difference. It turns out that the whole "clean as you go" thing actually makes a difference. Who knew?

Jerry got an XBox 360 for Christmas and has been catching up with his friend, Josh, in New Zealand and some local friends that he doesn't see much (or enough) via XBox Live. It's really cool.

I've had a cold (and now a sinus infection) since New Year's and have taken the opportunity to catch up on my young adult reading. I've read A Great and Terrible Beauty, When You Reach Me, Beige, Going Bovine, and An Abundance of Katherines. I think my favorites were Going Bovine, A Great and Terrible Beauty and When You Reach Me. Though, I enjoyed the others as well. In the adult category I read The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which I loved. I guess when I'm feeling sick it's easier (and probably slightly more interesting) to give you a reading list than an actual accounting of what's been happening (lots of nose blowing).

And with that, I'll say good-bye.


Frank said...

Sorry to hear about your illness. I had a cold between Christmas and New Year so Ronnie and the girls partied while I sat home feeling sorry for myself.

Get better!

JJ Ross said...

Maybe instead of restoring the comments as they were under posts, you can use your creative time to do a "remix" or "mashup" of some that you still find meaningful looking back, in ways that make sense to you now. You certainly have my permission to do anything you like with my comments, if you think they can help someone else especially. :)

Diane said...

I have been following your blog for a while and enjoying it. I am hosting an art giveaway that you might be interested in. Stop by when you have a chance and have a peek.

Shady Lady said...

Clean as you go, huh? Interesting concept. I remember doing something like that before having a child. ;)

Hope you feel better soon!!!