August 12, 2010

Crisis Averted

I'm fine now. I was just having a little meltdown. Some growing pains, as it were. But all is well and my mottos of the day are "Begin" and "Stay in the moment." I'm having trouble beginning projects because the all seem so large. But, yesterday I bought an adorable bookcase in the shape of a dollhouse that I'm going to repaint and sell. I almost gave up on it before ever beginning, though.

Here's how it went down:

Me #1: Yippee! I have a project! I'm going to sand the bookcase today! Hooray! Wait a minute. Look at all those marker drawings. That's going to take a lot of sanding. That sucks. I'll do this later.

Me #2: Hold on a minute! Just begin sanding in one small space and stay in that moment. Think of it as an exercise in meditation.

Me #1: Hmm. I guess I could do that.

Me #2: Well. What are you waiting for? Begin.

And I did. I just focused on the space I was sanding and before too long I was done. Amazing how that works.


Cate said...

Well I'm impressed. Now to employ the same method on the myriad of unfinished (and in some cases, unstarted) projects around here......

~Tara said...

Oh man, my biggest hurdle is just getting started. Why is that so difficult? :/

Sheri said...

When I got back into my sewing I found half a dozen projects that were mere minutes away from completing.

It took all of an hour to finish them all so I had to start brand new ones!

Congrats! :D