August 18, 2010


We're getting an apartment! I was afraid they'd put us in a hotel with no kitchen, but we'll be in a one-bedroom apartment near Hyde Park. Now that I know it's official and we're really going, I feel like 7 weeks just isn't long enough to be there. There are so many places to go and people to visit! I got a book about Greece at the library and I'm going to plan that trip today.

Tonight I'm going to an information meeting at UCLA to learn more about the MLIS (Masters of Library and Information Science) program I plan on joining. I don't know when I'll apply, but this meeting should help me figure that out. (Oh, and I'll be taking one online library class while we're in London--it's just a one unit class.)

This past week has been full of good friends and good times. I went to a movie with a girlfriend last week (the mom of one of Jerry's friends). A friend from college came up on Friday and we hung out, had dinner, then enjoyed a bottle of wine on the deck while we watched the stars come out as a garden spider spun his web right at the end of the deck. (We saw a Mickey Mouse balloon float by, too.) Monday I had lunch with a friend who has been MIA for the last year. It was great to catch up and she brought me some homemade nectarine/lemon verbena jam that is absolutely amazing. (I'm eating it on toast now!) Yesterday I visited my grandma for a couple hours. Here we are. I love my grandma. I really need to visit her more often. (I also really need to start working out--look at the size of that giant, fat arm!)
 Then I stopped by to see a friend who lives in Long Beach. We walked his dog, grabbed a bite to eat (it ended up all over my hands and clothes--but was so good) and looked at vacation pictures. And it just keeps on going--next week a girlfriend from college (who I haven't seen in years) is coming up with her girls and we're going to the Observatory. And I have plans to see Eat Pray Love and probably Winter's Bone with another couple friends. Lots of fun going on here. But not a lot of picture taking. Sorry about that!

In other news, I've been going through our emergency supply--most of which expired in 2003--and restocking it with all the things we'll need when "the big one" hits. Is your emergency kit well stocked? It should be!

This blog has become unbelievably boring lately (sorry about that, too!), but I'll keep writing quick uninspired updates so friends and family know what we're doing around these parts--even if they do put me to sleep.

Hopefully they'll get more exciting when we're in London!


Shady Lady said...

OMG! How exciting to get an apartment in Londs!!! Your travels amaze me!

Your grandma is beautiful (and so are your arms;). How lucky you are to still have your grandma. My grandparents are all gone and have been for a long time.

MLIS sounds exciting, too! Can't wait to hear more!

Sheri said...

That sounds so awesome!

Love the pic of you and your Grams, you have the same beautiful smile.


momentsofwhimsy said...

Wow - Shady and Sheri have completely taken the words out of my mouth (fingers?)

London - *sigh*
Grandma - same beautiful smiles
Library course - sounds cool

Have a great day :-)