August 9, 2010

San Diego Pictures

We had dinner with Etienne's family last night. It was so fun. There are 7 of them! I loved his parents and all the kids were so sweet. We took full advantage of our new deck furniture and our fabulous craigslist outdoor dining table in the front yard and spent the evening talking, eating, and drinking wine outdoors. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures.

I do have pictures from San Diego, though!

This is my mom, dad, Paul (my brother-in-law) and David (my brother) at our dining table. Somehow Jerry, Etienne and I lucked into a two-bedroom even though we were only supposed to have a one-bedroom. It was awesome!
Here's Ezra. He turned one in June. Aren't those the bluest eyes you've ever seen?!
And here's Ezra getting kissed by his cousin Layla.
We had a visit from our good friend (and Jerry's former babysitter) Poliana.
Here's David, Carson (my nephew), and Etienne at the computer.
Etienne, Cora, and Jerry are watching a movie here.
Here's my beautiful sister and best friend, Jenny, with her daughter Cora. I love this picture.
And Jenny's kids: Ezra, Carson & Cora.
My dad and Ezra. Ezra loves my dad.
And no family event has been properly documented without photos of the cutest girl toddler I know, Layla.
Here she is dancing on the table. Ezra and Cora joined her after a few minutes. The adults all sat around the table providing a safety net and enjoying the show. Yes, we are THAT family.
And here we all are together. Mandy took this picture (you can see Livie and Violet on the right). They came out and spent a day with us. It was so fun having them there. They even got to experience my brother-in-law's fabulous cooking (Paul is a chef) because they stayed for dinner!
It was a great week. We each had our own apartment and each family took turns making dinner for everyone. Dinner was always a big highlight of the day because we all came together and the kids played and we had great food and wine and it was just a really good time. And the best part about the night that I was in charge of dinner was that Paul made it! All I did was buy groceries. Oh how I wish it worked the same way at home: 1) buy groceries, 2) sit around drinking wine with family and friends, 3) eat fabulous meal cooked by professional chef which miraculously appears on the table with no effort on my part at all. Give me a personal chef or give me a meal pill--anything that allows me to avoid cooking is fine by me.

Anyway, back to the trip. We spent a day at Legoland, went to the horse races (Etienne won $10 betting on the only French horse in the race!), rode on the rides at Belmont Park, and spent an hour or so at the Museum of Making Music. The rest of the time was spent by the pool or relaxing in our rooms. It was great. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Since we've been home, I've been doing lots of cleaning. I picked a bunch of figs and made jam.
Then I bought a bunch of strawberries and made strawberry jam. I bought peaches, too, because I want to try canning peaches. The lady that sold me the peaches told me never to can tomatoes when I'm on my period. She said he grandmother told her it would ruin the tomatoes. Weird, huh? But I was very excited to be privy to such ancient wisdom, as I'm sure the woman's grandmother probably heard it from her grandmother. So, I'm going to follow the rule whether it's true or not just because I want to be a part of that ancient chain of wisdom.

In other news, I found a computer programming teacher for Jerry and they had their first lesson last week. It went really well. Jerry likes the guy a lot and they seemed to have a good time. So, they'll meet once a week until we leave in September.

Oh my gosh. I can't believe I almost forgot to tell you the most exciting news of the day! It's not absolutely certain yet, but I'm pretty sure Jerry and I are going to spend about 6 days in Greece in September or October! Jerry has been so into the Percy Jackson books it would be a shame if we didn't take advantage of our proximity to the home of the Greek myths while we're staying in London. I found decent airfare and I'm in the process of figuring out what it would cost us to stay in the hotels or hostels. I think we'd only stay 5 or 6 days because the guilt of going to Greece without Warren is pretty fierce. We've never been there, but have talked about going ever since our first trip to Europe together in '94. So, in an effort to avoid the guilt of going to a beautiful, romantic place without my husband (which makes me very sad--but not sad enough not to go) is to make it into a site-seeing trip. We'll whirl into Athens, see the sites, whirl into another town (or an island), see those sites, spend a day on the beach, then whirl back to London. So, it'll be like a working vacation (do you hear the rationalization wheels turning?).

Anyway, it's in the planning stages and the whole thing could fall apart if it turns out to be too expensive, but figuring out how I can make it happen is my current obsession. Maybe someday my obsession will be cleaning and organizing my house. And maybe next time it will stick. Because whenever I think my current obsession is getting my house all cleaned and organized (like last week) it never lasts long enough to do all the work. In fact, it usually lasts just long enough for me to clean out a cupboard, strewing the contents of said cupboard onto every available flat surface in the house, and that's usually about as far as I get. I have a serious problem, best illustrated by this hilarious post (thanks Ronnie!) at Hyperbole and a Half.

Well, Warren is home and it's time for me to leave the internet behind and go to bed. Good night!

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Frank said...

One of these days I'm gonna charter a sailboat and cruise the Greek islands while rereading Homer. I'll hafta relearn all the Greek I forgot after school. Mmmmnnnn... Maybe I'll just read an English translation.