August 11, 2010


What the heck am I supposed to do with myself now that Jerry spends most of his time on the computer or Xbox talking and playing with far flung friends? I feel like I'm stuck in limbo. I don't want to commit myself to anything big because I keep thinking Jerry is going to want me for something--some fun project or excursion--but I can't really sit around waiting to be needed, can I? No I most definitely cannot. But I am and it's driving me crazy!!

It would help if I had something fun to do. I did something fun yesterday (had a girl date at the movies with a new-ish friend) but what about today?! The garage and office need to be cleaned out but they're far too overwhelming. I could write but (insert lame excuse here). I could clean the bathroom but I'm sick and tired of cleaning the f*#@ing house. I've moved from here:

to here:
I really just want to do something with Jerry. I miss him.

Hear the violins?


Sheri said...

I hear the violins...I hear the whole freakin' orchestra!

I'm in the same boat...Emma is all about "fine, let's get this over with so I can get back to my friends"

I'm reluctantly venturing into my own things but not without the more than occassional, "Hey kid, wanna do something?"

Love the cartoons btw, they're awesome.


Anonymous said...


I can hear the violins playing all the way over here on the East Coast. Nick is in front of his 'puter as long as he's awake (or so it seems to me.) I only see him when he wakes up passes me on the way upstairs or when he comes down to make himself some lunch.

Couldn't take it anymore so I shipped him off to camp in Vermont for the week with a friend. They are staying in a cabin with no electricity or heat. He does have his cell phone and his ipod that he can charge in the teen room but very little network access available (if any at all!)

I'm hoping a week away from all the noise will re-wire his brain a bit.

It's scary to watch them grow up and grow away from us, isn't it?

I love the cartoons, too.


Colleen said...

Growing pains suck. But sympathy helps a little. Thanks. :)

Schuyler said...

No sympathy, take up the ukulele. I've gotten almost competent at a couple of songs. Get a WoW account and play with him. I just found an old e-mail of yours that mentions a novel you were working on...

I totally understand the waiting thing. When Simon and Linnaea were littler I couldn't do much that engaged me for very long without suffering irritation when they needed me. Now both of them are so engaged by their own lives that I'm the one begging for their attention. They are delightfully patient with me and will humor me so lovingly.

But, yeah, buy a loom, build a loom, um, get a puppy and teach him tricks, um, do something you want to do, really want to do and drop it when Jerry's up for doing something with you. It's all so brief, and there's really so very little you can do about it.

JJ Ross said...

I'm totally with Schuyler (but you already knew that!) What about your own back-to-school project, isn't that about to start up again or did I miss something where you changed your mind?

After all the going and doing in the great pictures you've been posting all summer, I can't believe you'd be playing any stringed instrument yet, about a little down time at home. Surely it's your turn to accommodate his natural pace instead of even more supercharged vice versa. Hugs anyway {{{ :D }}}

Colleen said...

You guys are so right! JJ, I did enjoy my first week of downtime, but I spent most of it cleaning my house (really enjoying the cleaning, though--in a way) and then I guess this week I sort of felt lost. But I found a new project! I bought a really cute bookcase that looks like a doll house at the Goodwill yesterday and I'm going to paint it and sell it for a profit. It's fun and it makes money! And maybe I will learn ukelele Schuyler. Warren has been learning so he's got some books on it, I think. Then we can play together when Jerry and I come visit! :)

Cate said...

Oh everything they already said - in spades! It gets worse once they are driving themselves everywhere and don't need you for anything bar the occasional meal. Time to get a hobby, a career, a pet - a life - of your own!!

~Tara said...

Aww, I hear you mama. Wanna hula hoop with me? :)