March 14, 2008

Back From Rotorua

We're back from our week in Rotorua. Warren was with us for the first two days, then he headed back to Auckland for work, leaving Jerry and I with a homeschooling family for a couple nights. From there we took a bus about an hour East to Tauranga for a stay with yet another homeschooling family on a small hilltop farm. I've got loads of photos (which I have yet to download) and lots of news to share about the sites, the amazing scenery and the people who made us feel at home by sharing their homes with us. After traveling around Rotorua and Tauranga, I finally understand why New Zealanders feel living among all these unpredictable volcanoes is worth the risk--it's just so beautiful. The land is lush and green, the lakes and streams are crystal clear, there are beaches around every corner and the sky is the bluest of blues--oh, and there are no dangerous animals or poisonous snakes or any of the things that give that little edge of anxiety to hiking in the States. Our stay is already almost half over and I feel like I'm just beginning to appreciate this place. I can't believe it's gone by so fast. Next up is a four-day weekend on the northernmost part of the North Island and then our trip to the South Island (which I'd better hurry up and plan--I'm running out of time!). Tomorrow Jerry is going to work with Warren so I'll have the afternoon to myself (yippee!). I'm going to check out some of the historic buildings in our neighborhood, do a bit of shopping, and maybe go back to the Museum. And hopefully I'll download all my pictures so I can share them with you on my blog!

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