March 19, 2008

Sailing On An America's Cup Yacht

Early on in our stay in Auckland we spent a few hours on an America's Cup Yacht. I'm forever trying to find activities that will spark an interest in Jerry. He hasn't started begging for sailing lessons yet but we did have an amazing afternoon of sun, sea and wind.
I thought the America's Cup Race was a really long one but it actually only takes a few hours. A few hours of working those grinders would be more than enough for me--grinding is really hard work.
We caught this view of the city between the two volcanic cones of Devenport.
Hey, look who's driving the boat!It's Jerry!!
He took us past Rangitoto, the big volcano.
I took a turn at driving the boat, too. Whether or not Jerry is interested in sailing lessons I think I'll be signing myself up for some when we get home!

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