March 25, 2008

Read This!

I just wanted to share a post that I found today on Unschooled in Calgary. What caught my attention was this paragraph about learning:
Homo sapiens are hard wired to learn. It is the only way we have survived as a species on this planet. We were not the fastest runners, we were not the strongest predator, we did not possess the keenest sight, or spectacular hearing, or the finest sense of smell. We were not uniquely characterized to our habitat niche in any way. We survived as a species for one reason, and one reason only: because we learn, at an alarming rate of speed, an incredible number of things.
But the post isn't really a discussion about unschooling. It's actually very thorough recap of a lecture given by David Suzuki, a Canadian geneticist, environmental activist, and author of 43 books. It's more of a call to action, really, and a reminder that our planet's resources won't last forever--and it's darn good reading.

Oh! And on a similar topic: fellow unschooling blogger, Tara, has started a terrific new blog called Sustainable Sundays. Be sure to check it out!

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