March 18, 2008

West Coast Beaches

I'm finally catching up on posting photos but I've left out some big chunks which I hope to get to in the next few days. These are from this past weekend. Saturday morning the three of us went to breakfast together in Ponsonby, a trendy area full of boutique stores not unlike our own neighborhood of Los Angeles. After breakfast Warren went to work and took Jerry with him, giving me entire day of blissful solitude. I did many of the things I've been wanting to do but have been putting off because they're not things Jerry would be willing to do without making me miserable in the process. I shopped a little, went to a couple art galleries, tried on some clothes, walked a lot, caught up on my blog, and visited two historic cottages in our neighborhood. At the first one I had my own private tour with a very knowledgeable guide and learned a lot about the early settlers of Auckland.

Sunday we drove to a few of the west coast beaches on the Tasman Sea, which lies between New Zealand and Australia. So far we'd only been to beaches on the east coast. They tend to have calm waters and long stretches of white sand. The west couldn't be more different.
Turbulent doesn't even begin to describe the waves--they roll in one after the other with no break between sets. In fact, there don't seem to be sets at all. There's just a constant barrage of waves. We walked around on the rocks,
then made our way up onto a sand dune.Jerry dug

himself into a hole
in the black sand of Muriwai Beach.We didn't really come prepared for swimming but Jerry played in the waves, trying not to get too wet.
Our next stop was Karekare, the setting for some of the beach scenes in the film The Piano. It really took our breath away. Jerry gave up on trying to keep dry and had a great time rolling in the waves.
It was hard to leave Karekare but we pulled ourselves away to check out Piha Beach, a popular Kiwi vacation spot, where we watched the sun sink below the Tasman Sea. It was a lovely day.

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