March 30, 2008

Unschooling? Me?

I've been thinking about why I haven't been posting much since we've been in New Zealand and aside from the fact that we've been traveling around a bit, I think the real reason is that this blog is about unschooling and the truth is I've hardly even thought about schooling in any form since we got here. And I'm thinking that's a good thing.
Sure, I take time to point things out to Jerry. I talk about what I've discovered since we've been here. We visit places and people where we can't help but learn something. And all of this newness has started a fair number of philosophical conversations. But the learning is just part of our day. It comes naturally.
So, for now, I think I've got this unschooling thing down. I have no illusions, however, that this will continue when we get home. Once we're home I'm sure I'll start feeling the pressure to take the more traditional route (not from other people--from myself). So I'm really enjoying this "vacation" from schooling of any kind. I only hope it continues when we get back to Los Angeles.
Note to new readers: If you are reading this and wondering why on earth a thinking, responsible parent (yep, that's me--thinking and responsible) would want to homeschool their child without actually "schooling" them, check out the links to the right under "What the heck is unschooling?" 

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