July 17, 2008

Baby Steps & Driving 55

I performed my first routine in circus class yesterday. It was a beginner version of what everyone else was doing. The other students climbed up the silks (those things you saw me holding onto a couple weeks ago in my pathetic attempt to get upside down) and did their routines from high in the air, but I stayed closer to the ground. And the teacher had to stand beside me and tell me what was next because everyone else had learned the routine when we were in New Zealand and I'd only just learned it yesterday. I did it, though. Yeah for me! When Jerry gets back from camp I'll have him come in again and tape me so you can see it for yourself. Hopefully by then it won't be quite as funny as it is now.

So I'm taking baby steps at circus class and slightly bigger steps at living a more sustainable life. I can't remember if I ever wrote about it here but after we got back from New Zealand I made a commitment to myself to use the car less frequently. I figured if I could walk to the grocery store in NZ I could do it at home. So I've been really good about not using the car to go to the store unless I stop by there when I'm on my way home from someplace else. And I've stopped using plastic or paper bags altogether. I've also stopped using the clothes dryer. That's something that seemed really difficult when I thought about doing it but, in practice, is a breeze. I still use it on occasion but only to soften up things that are too crusty after air drying (like towels and blue jeans). Since I can't hang the laundry in the backyard and I don't like hanging it in the front where people might walk off with it, I've been putting it in our living room, which means the living room often looks like this:But I don't mind. My next step is to start driving 55 on the freeway. So far this is the most difficult change for me. I simply cannot bring myself to slow down. It's soooo haaaaarrrd. I thought about getting a "iDrive 55" bumper sticker--hoping that maybe the fear of being such an obvious hypocrite would slow me down--but I don't think I'm ready. Baby steps. I'm going to try 65 for now.

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