July 24, 2008

Home Again

I'm home! (I feel like I'm writing that a lot on this blog.) The train ride was fabulous. It provided a much needed reminder of how much I love California. New Zealand is beautiful, sure, but California can give it a run for it's money (or sheep) any day. And it's home. The scenery along the ride, even when we weren't cruising along the coast, was beautiful. I saw every shade of gold, fields of what looked like pansies in purple and white, artichoke and cabbage and corn fields, cows, horses, wild turkeys, hawks, vultures. I swear I even saw a pig running across a field (though it could have been a piggish dog). I dined with a couple from New Zealand who were just finishing a ten-week tour of Europe, Canada and the US. I had lunch with an 88-year-old woman en route to a baby shower for her third great-great grandson. I read and read some more. I called camp to check on Jerry (he's fine). And when we passed Simi Valley and I could finally see the familiar lines of the Santa Monica Mountains against the darkening sky I breathed a sigh, not so much of relief but, of contentment.

And now I'm here. Alone. And I can't decide what I should do. I thought I might sleep in but the cat, the dog and the men who arrived in our backyard at 6:22 a.m. to pour concrete had other ideas. They all thought I should be awake. So here I am at the kitchen table. I've had some cereal and tea. I tried calling my sister in Ireland on Skype (it's free!) but she didn't answer. What will I do when I'm done with this post?! I can do anything I want! Oh, the pressure! Do I jump right in with work stuff? I don't think I'm ready to tackle my office yet and Warren is going to help me with the garage this weekend so maybe not. Do I work on the novel that has been sadly neglected since we started homeschooling? Do I go to the movies? Get a massage? Go grocery shopping? Catch up on blogs? Balance my checkbook? Take the dog to the beach for a nice long walk? Ack! Too many choices!!

Before doing anything I'm going to post some pictures of Jerry's camp (see how I keep going back to Jerry?).

This is a view of the main part of camp where the eating and crafty-type activities take place. Even the mountains in the background are part of camp. Once a week they do an overnighter in the mountains. Jerry hates the overnighters. You may remember from our time in New Zealand--he's "not a walker."
I took this early in the morning when the mist was still clinging to the water.
Here's one of the baby calves. I milked my first cow last year at family camp. It was thrilling. Seriously. Ranch life is very exotic for a city girl.
This is where the horses live.
And this is one of the platforms where the kids sleep.
Pretty nice, huh? I took all those pictures last year at family camp but everything still looks the same. I have a feeling it's looked the same for the last 80 years or so. No point in changing perfection.

Well, time to get busy, I guess. But what should I do!?!

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