July 22, 2008

Missing My Boy

It's 7:30 a.m. and I've snuck into my friends office on tip-toe so as not to wake her or her adorable two-year-old. I don't have anything earth shattering to write about. I just wanted to let you all know Jerry has arrived safely at camp and I haven't heard a peep--no phone calls begging me to come pick him up--so far so good. He was a little worried when Warren and I left camp. He'd said a couple times that he felt conflicted about staying, after all. But since we arrived on Saturday and spent one night in a cabin together and we had the morning to hang around camp and help him get settled into his platform and meet his counsellors, I think he was much more comfortable than he had been last year. He and Jackson have beds right beside each other and, luckily, Jerry's favorite counsellor from last year is one of his counsellors again this year.

Oh, you know how people (my grandmother in particular) always say it's the parent's fault if the child is a picky eater? That if the parents would just not make special meals for the kid, eventually he'll eat because "he's not going to starve himself?" Not true. Last year at camp Jerry ended up in the infirmary after three days because he hadn't eaten much of anything because the meals they served at camp weren't one of the handful of meals he eats at home. After those first three days the cook just started keeping pasta and rice ready-made for Jerry to eat while the other kids ate whatever she had prepared (so much for our hopes that camp might broaden his palate!). This year I was more prepared. I left some beans and cheese in the kitchen, so he'll have some protein in his diet. I'm hoping that will help.

So it's been two nights now. I haven't slept well for either of them and even though I'm having a great time visiting my friend (I'm off to see different friend today), every other thought that pops into my head is about Jerry. I'm constantly having to stop myself from talking about him because well, it would probably be pretty annoying if all I did was talk about my kid. On my blog, however, I can talk about him all I want and if it gets annoying you are just one click away from something more interesting. So that's the real reason I'm up before everyone else and sitting at the computer. I just want to talk about Jerry. I miss him. I love him. I really want him to have a good time at camp.

Last year the first week and a half were terribly hard for him. He was homesick, of course, and the food issue just made things worse. I very nearly went up there to pick him up after the first week but the camp director assured me that 80% of the time he was having a blast. So he stuck it out and eventually when I called to check-in on him he was too busy to talk. I'm hoping the extra food and the fact that he's been there before will make a big difference for him this year--kinda help him to bypass that first week of homesickness (I remember it well from my own days at camp). Still, I'm going to call the camp today to see how he's doing, maybe talk to his counselor to find out how the eating has been going.

I miss him.

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