July 29, 2008

Whole Lotta Cleaning Goin' On

Warren and I cleaned out the garage over the weekend. It was so bad we couldn't get from one end to the other when we started. In fact we could only make it about five feet in--just past the end of the dryer. But now there's a nice clear pathway from door to door. In the process of cleaning we took a trip in the "way back machine," as Warren says. We found lots of old clothes, my cheerleading uniforms, my old belly dancing costume from when I used to dance at a Morrocan restaurant on weekends (pre-Jerry). I read through some of my childhood diaries (hilarious) some of the poems I wrote in high school (even more hilarious) and the newspaper clipping that quoted me as saying "I wish I could do flip flops around the gym" after winning a songleading competition my senior year of high school (still embarrassing). We found our wedding ceremony, Jerry's first pair of shoes and my grandma's china tea cups. Oh, and I found all the souvenir wine and champagne glasses from the proms I attended in high school! Now that's funny. Why did we get wine glasses in high school? I briefly entertained the idea of starting and 80's prom glass collection but decided against it. The glasses, all inscribed with phrases like "Time will reveal," "One more night" and "On the edge of a dream," are sitting on my kitchen counter while I decide their fate. To keep or not to keep? That is always the question when cleaning out the garage. 

Here's a picture of Jerry with the other boys on his platform. I pulled it from the camp website. Jerry is 5th from the left, bottom row. He comes home in 12 days!

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