January 28, 2008

Attitude Adjustment (Mine)

As usual I have waited until the last possible moment to start getting things ready for our trip. In addition to that, I've suddenly decided I need to see all my friends before I leave. Since most of my friends move out of Los Angeles within a couple years of meeting me (I know. I'm beginning to think it's me, too.) this is something I can manage in a week. The problem is, now I have to squeeze in shopping, packing, doing our taxes, cleaning my house, visiting my grandmas, interviewing people for my column, editing a newsletter, going to Lego Land (a super bowl Sunday tradition), taking the animals to the vet, driving my dog to Sacramento, with seeing my friends.

Hold on a minute! It's not a problem, actually. What am I saying?

Okay. Rewind. This is reminding me of a conversation I had with my sister yesterday. I was talking to her on the telephone (she lives in Ireland) as I looked out our window at four days worth of rain puddling in my backyard and I said, "I can't get over this pounding rain. It's been going on for days!" She just started laughing. She lives in Ireland for crying out loud! Four days of rain is nothing to her. Four months of rain might not even be enough to garner her sympathy. So I said, "Right. I guess I'm complaining to the wrong person." She said I was and pointed out that I would be leaving the rain for a New Zealand summer in a week and that I'd be there for three months. Basically she was telling me to shut up.

And now I can hear her laugh in my head again telling me the same thing. I have nothing to complain about.

There. Attitude adjusted. I still don't want to clean though...

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