January 18, 2008

A Day At The Zoo & Other Fun Stuff

We've had two really fun days. Yesterday was homeschool park day and Jerry had a friend over in the morning then we all went to park day for the afternoon. Jerry hung out with two other boys at the park almost the whole time we were there and only after we'd been there for a couple hours told me he was bored and wanted to leave. The first few months of park day he always wanted to leave pretty soon after our arrival so this was major progress.

Today I had a doctor's appointment and Jerry went with me so we could stop and pick up a Webkinz on our way home. We stopped at the Farmer's Market, bought a Webkinz and then had a butter and sugar crepe. We've been unable to find a crepe that meets Jerry's satisfaction. He had his first crepe in Paris and nothing else seems to compare. We keep looking though!

After the Farmer's Market we met some homeschool friends at the zoo. It was so nice. The weather was beautiful and lots of animals were out. We went to the bird show and I bravely volunteered to have a bird land on my arm and fly off with a dollar bill (he returned it). I don't usually volunteer for that kind of stuff but the kids were sooo excited about it I had to give in. We saw the new gorilla exhibit. It was so exciting to see them and watch them interact with each other and the crowd but it was sad, too. They're so beautiful. A visit to the zoo always brings up such conflicting emotions! On the one hand it's great to see the animals, on the other I hate to see them in captivity.

My parents are coming down this weekend and I have two events happening that I look forward to all year long. First, I'm going to the Jane Austen Ball on Saturday night. Drat! I just realized I forgot to wash my dress and buy shoes! Well, maybe I can get shoes tomorrow. And I've only worn the dress twice. It can't really be that dirty. Can it? Anyway, it will be a fun evening of Regency costume and English Country Dancing. My friend Angela has secured two willing men to go as our partners (both of our husbands steadfastly refuse any involvement in the event). Then, on Sunday I'm going to my annual book club party. I love, love, love my book club.

I'm going to leave you with some pictures Warren just sent me from New Zealand. Today was his first day off so he was able to do some exploring.

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