January 26, 2008

A Bad Movie & A Good One

We watched the second worst movie I've ever seen yesterday. Dragon Wars. It was painful, but not nearly as painful as the Thomas the Tank Engine Movie, starring Peter Fonda in the single most pathetic performance ever.

But, luckily we followed it up with a good one, Mr Holland's Opus. Throughout the first hour of the movie Jerry kept saying, "I can't believe you thought I'd like this." Or, "And you thought I'd like this because?" But when I suggested we turn it off, he insisted we finish it. Because the film went through so many decades it provided the impetus for conversations about the Vietnam War and the draft, John Lennon's assassination, and school board budgets. This struck me as a good example of how something you think isn't educational at all, can turn into a real learning experience in a very natural way. I think I'm getting the hang of this unschooling thing.

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