January 29, 2008

My Blog Is Excellent!

It's been a week since Laura at Wistful Wanderlust was kind enough to give me the Excellent Blog Award and it's just been sitting on my shelf collecting dust, getting buried under to do lists, bills, unread books--you name it. But I'm finally breaking it out, dusting it off and placing it front and center for your viewing pleasure.

Isn't it lovely?

Thanks Laura. I think your blog is excellent, too.

But now I have to name ten other excellent blogs. Only ten! Here they are:

1. The Parenting Pit - The very first unschooling blog to win my heart back in the early (uh, earlier) days.
2. These Go To Eleven - I love her sense of humor.
3. Swiss Army Wife - How can a blog with a name like that be anything but excellent?
4. Cocking A Snook - Because JJ and Nance are both so smart and funny and knowledgeable. And because I feel like they're my own personal unschooling fairy god mothers.
5. A Life Worth Living - I've followed Lynn's blog from the beginning and I love her honesty.
6. Medieval Affair - Again, it's the honesty I like, and the fact that we're on this journey together.
7. Just Enough and Nothing More - I don't know where Tammy gets the energy to do all the things she does but I'm green with envy.
8. Embracing the Strange - Heather's blog is honest and thought provoking.
9. Happy@Home - I love that Sally takes the time to explain the relationships in her household and shares ways in which she's trying to make things run smoother for everyone.
10. Bodhicitta - Talk about joie de vivre! Diana's got it in spades and her family prayer has become one of my favorite mantras.

If someone hadn't already given these blogs the award I'd be giving one to them, too:
The Road Less Traveled
Unschool Days
An Unschooling Life
Wistful Wanderlust

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