January 3, 2008

Making Friends & Leaving Town

Here's a picture of Jerry and Ravenpaw:

Jerry has a friend over from the homeschool group today. I'm so glad! I actually had butterflies in my stomach as we were driving home from the park with this boy in the car. Isn't that silly? I think it's just because I know Jerry was really wanting to get together with this boy and he's been wanting new friends so badly. It's tough for him because he likes to sit on the sidelines and watch a bit before jumping into anything new--relationships included--and it takes longer to make friends that way. I do suppose those friends are more likely to stick, though, since they're more carefully chosen.

The one thing that's bothering me now is that just as Jerry is starting to make friends with kids in the homeschool group we're going to leave the country. That kind of stinks. I'd already decided that Jerry and I will probably just go to New Zealand for three months even though Warren will be there a bit longer (mainly because we'll save money by traveling later), but I'm wondering if we should only go for two months instead. Even as I write that sentence I think the answer is probably no. That would be making a decision based on fear and I generally try not to do that. The fear, I think, is that it will take even longer for Jerry to develop friendships if we leave. But I guess his friendships will develop in whatever time they take to develop no matter where we are. I can't force them to happen faster so we might as well take full advantage of this opportunity to experience life in another part of the world. Right? I hope I'm right, anyway. Still, I wonder...

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