January 23, 2008

Show Me The Munnies

What an awesome day! It started off with homeschool circus class. Jerry couldn't be dragged out of bed in time (the cats kept us up last night) so I went without him. Our teacher said I did better on the trapeze today than I have since I started class. Yippee! (Basically, this means I didn't pee my pants when asked to hang upside down--I'm not so keen on hanging upside down.) After class I picked Jerry up and we met our friends Lisa, Zach, Danica and Finneas at a little hole in the wall pizza joint for lunch. Then we went to our very favorite toy store, Monkeyhouse Toys, so Jerry could show his friends around and introduce them to Myra, the fabulous store owner. The kids all bought mini munnies and we took them back to Lisa's so they could customize them.

They painted while Lisa and I chatted. Remember when I was moaning about needing a friend? I'm finally making friends in the homeschool group. Both Jerry and I are.

After we left Zachary made a video about the day and posted it on YouTube. Take a look:

I love unschooling!

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