January 30, 2008

Wanna Know Something Else?

The film business is not family friendly. Maybe you already knew that. Or maybe you didn't. But I'm here to tell you it stinks for families. Yes, the travel is cool. Jerry has seen more of the world than a lot of adults but the trade off is that his dad is never home for dinner, works a lot of weekend, and goes out of town fairly frequently. Can you tell I just tried calling him (iChatting him, actually) and he was too busy to talk to me? He's got to hurry up and make a tape so some producer can let it sit on his coffee table for five hours before he watches it. I'm a little bitter. And even though it's going to be awesome to be in New Zealand it's going to be me and Jerry alone most of the time. Any traveling we do will be without Warren, except a few weekends here and there if he manages to get both days off.

Geez. I'm in a funk, aren't I? I think it's the stress of leaving.

Let's think about happy things:

1.) I bought a new lens for my camera today. That's cool. I'm planning on taking lots of beautiful photos in New Zealand and sharing them with you all on my blog. I may even splurge on a wide angle lens. I need to talk to Warren about it first because it's not cheap. He already said we should get one but I'm not sure if he realizes how expensive they are.

2.) We had another fun day at circus class today. I hung upside down on a trapeze and did a split thing with my legs and arched my back and it was awesome! Of course, I couldn't repeat it. The next time I tried it, well, let's just say it wasn't very graceful.

3.) We spent the afternoon with our homeschool friends at the book store. The kids found books they liked and sat at a table reading while the other mom and I chatted. Her kids showed me lots of their favorite books and I bought a few new ones for Jerry and I. This is what we got:
Dragon Drive 6 (It's a manga series Jerry LOVES.)
The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer (She wrote The House of the Scorpion, which I really liked.)
Holes by Louis Sachar (We've never read it.)
Coraline by Neil Gaiman (Zach, my friends 12yo says it's the "freakiest book ever.")
Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. (That's for me--even though it's YA.)

4.) I'm going salsa dancing again tomorrow!! Woohoo!

5.) I'm going to see a play on Saturday with friends from waaaaaaay back in the day when Warren and I first met. We met at a Grateful Dead show, by the way. That's how Jerry got his name. He was born a couple months after Jerry Garica died. It's a funny story, the way Warren and I met, which I'll tell you sometime--even though it involves illicit drug use (sorry Mom and Dad--I still turned out fine.).

But, now that I've found my happy place again it's time to get to work on my taxes and editing the newsletter and cleaning my kitchen and making dinner. Ick. When I put it all together like that it sounds so oppressive. Let me rephrase that: Now that I've found my happy place again I'm going to move forward and accomplish the goals I've set for myself so that I can go to bed tonight with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. As if.

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