January 21, 2008

Stimulation Dilema

Before I get to the Stimulation Dilema, I want to share some pictures from our fabulous weekend. My parents came down and watched Jerry while I was at the Jane Austen Ball. This was my third year at the ball and it was the best one ever. I had so much fun!

Saturday we went to the Santa Monica Pier with my parents and went on some rides:

And enjoyed the good company and lovely weather:

My mom and dad have packed up and are on their way back home to Sacramento. They were going to take Patsy, our dog, since they'll be watching her while we're away, but Jerry and I decided we weren't ready for her to go yet--which means we'll need to drive her up three days before we leave, then turn right around and come home the next day. It was just too sad to think of being without her for two weeks before leaving and I think it would have made going away much harder for Jerry. He usually does fine when we're away from home for long periods of time but when he's homesick it's almost always Patsy that he misses most.

On to the Stimulation Dilema:

I feel like I've been so busy lately that Jerry has been left to his own devices a lot. It's not that I'm not here. I am. But I'm doing my own thing, leaving Jerry to be at the computer, play video games, watch television, or do whatever happens to strike his fancy at the moment. I suppose that's alright for a while but I don't feel quite right about it. It makes me feel like I'm not providing enough stimulation. A lot of people on the unschooling discussion lists say that when your kids watch television, for example, you should be watching with them, but I don't really like watching television. Also, I have so much to do before we go I can't imagine wasting time in front of the TV. I sit with Jerry when he asks me to, but if he doesn't ask I do other things. And he hasn't asked much lately. I keep thinking once we get to NZ it will be better because I won't have as much pulling my attention away from him. I do wonder, though, when we're just living our daily lives what's the best way to be sure I'm not slacking off in the educational stimulation department. Even when I'm busy I continue to bring interesting bits of information to his attention, so I know I'm doing something, at least, but I don't really think that's enough.

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