January 1, 2008

Big News For The New Year!

So we've been home for five days now and I still haven't put up the time line. I'm going to do it though--it's just that I've been sidetracked by two things. First of all, I read the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I read lots of young adult fiction because I'm writing a young adult novel--and because I like it. Anyway, I absolutely had to finish this book in one sitting. It was that good. And now I can't stop thinking (okay, fantasizing) about that beautiful vampire, Edward Cullen. What's wrong with me!? I'm not allowed to buy the second book until I've done all the things I put off in order to read the first book all in one day, which could take a while because (drum roll please....) I have so much to do because (keep the drums rolling....) of the second thing that has sidetracked me which is (--cut the drums) we're going to New Zealand! Yippee! For three and a half months!!! Wahoo!!!! Warren will be working on a film in Auckland from about the middle of January until the first of May. Hooray!!!!

I was really hoping for a good location job so that we could take advantage of the fact that Jerry isn't in school as soon as possible and it's actually happened. Of course, it could unhappen just as quickly because he was actually supposed to work on this same film a year ago and they pulled the plug at the last minute, so there's always a possibility it won't go through. But, for now things look good.

We'll be staying in Auckland and I've already met (through the magic of the blogoshpere) a really nice homeschooling blogger from Auckland named Cate. Her blog is called Moments Of Whimsy. It's a great window into their life in New Zealand with lots of photos and great descriptions of how they spend their time. Check out Christmas Downunder for details on what Christmas is like in New Zealand and Volcanic Dreams for a taste of the hysteria I'm sure to be feeling as we settle in to life in a live volcanic zone. (I wish we'd never learned so much about Pompeii!) I'm so looking forward to meeting Cate and her family. And I'm hoping to meet Anne and Arun from The Parenting Pit as well. Isn't blogging great!? It's opened up a whole new world of people and places to me. I love it!

Oh, I almost forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year. Here are some links to a few inspiring posts for the New Year:
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Happy New Year!!

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