February 12, 2010

Clean, Clean, Clean

I'm just taking a breather in the midst of all the cleaning we've been doing today in preperation for the house swap. Swapping houses has been great for the cleanliness of our house because there's no way we would put this much effort into cleaning just for ourselves. Or even for guests that we know. It's another matter entirely when you're having guests who don't know you!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about our experiment. The one we did last night. It's really easy. You need an LED (you can get one at Radio Shack), shoes, carpet, and a metal object. Hold one metal leg of the LED in your fingers, walk across the rug (wearing shoes) and slide your feet as you go (picking up extra electrons along the way), and then touch the other leg of the LED to something metal (we used a doorknob) and you get a teeny flicker of light. It's really cool! Oh, and I forgot to mention the lights should be out and it should be dark. That's all there is to it! After the experiment we watched a couple YouTube videos about electricity. Jerry seemed really interested and I was so happy to be doing something fun together because he spends an awful lot of time with his friends on the XBox these days. I miss him.

My breather is over. Time to clean the bathrooms and then it's off to the movie theater for the Percy Jackson movie. Yippee! We've been waiting for this one forever!


JJ Ross said...

Oh, do tell us what you and Jerry think of the movie! NPR trashed it this morning, pretty much -- the reviewer said it had been turned from an okay book for 12-year-old boys, into a sex-selling formula film for 17-year-old boys.

We hadn't read the books but were thinking the movie sounded fun . . .

Lynn said...

We are going to see Percy on Tues!!

We loved the books,heard about them on here I think?

The trailer for the film looks promising.Emily is really excited.

She heard a less than glowing review on the radio and was very angry about it and said that once she has seen the film she will review it herself:-)

Good luck with the rest of the cleaning.xx

Colleen said...

The movie was pretty good, but it wasn't the book. In fact, they pulled an "Eragon" and left out two main characters! They also completely changed the ending. I mean COMPLETELY! I'd be interested to know how people that haven't read the books feel about it. They might like it better. I'm thinking Emily might give it a thumbs down, Lynn. It definitely was not a "sex-selling formula for 17-year-old boys" though. That must have been one prudish reviewer, JJ!

Colleen said...

Lynn, have you guys read Gregor the Overlander? Emily would like those books, I bet. It's another series.

Anonymous said...

HI there - want to come do my house when you are finished??

Jono and our German homestayer went and saw Percy on Friday, (neither have read the book) and both came home very "ho-hum" about it.

Shady Lady said...

Very cool experiment! I was just looking at some science experiment books with Princess. She is excited about trying some of the experiments. Fun!!