February 3, 2010

Jury Duty, Part 2

I'm sure being part of a jury is really interesting once the trial begins, but the jury selection process is mind numbingly boring. The only interesting part is finding out what people do for a living, if they're married and what their spouses do (all the jurors have to answer those questions). But after you sit through 14 people in one courtroom and 20 in another even that tends to get old.

Still, I made the most of my lunch break by leaving the courthouse and walking around some of my favorite places in downtown Los Angeles. And I took pictures for you. With my phone.

This is the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.The Walt Disney Concert Hall.That's City Hall in the background, but the real reason I took this picture was the aloe plants that were in bloom. This flower is one of my favorite things about winter in Southern California. I love it.And I took this one just outside the courthouse. It's for my New Zealand friends. :)I'll be back at the courthouse on Thursday for the continuation of jury selection. So I expect I'll have more pictures for you on Friday.

By the way, have you checked in with the Redpath family lately? They're a family of four, from our homeschool group, who are traveling the world for a year. And they've just been to Stonehenge!


Zayna said...

Wonderful pics! Thank you for posting them.

And yes, I get e-mail updates of the Redpath family adventures and I saw their post on Stonehenge.

Awesome stuff.


Shady Lady said...

That aloe plant in bloom is so cool!!

I'll have to check out the Redpath family!

JJ Ross said...

I served on a jury a few years ago and it really WAS interesting, also a little appalling though, to hear what supposedly educated and open-minded jurors really think . . .

It was a stabbing case, in a dry-cleaning dispute between a love-triangle of employees and a supervisor who tried to intervene (he got hurt the worst, showed his healing scar in court, exciting and sad and like voyeurism all at the same time, and I never felt the same way about what goes on in the back of dry cleaning shops!)

Cate said...

Haha - love the pic of the fern fronds - very Kiwi.

Loved Stonehenge when we went there too - smaller than expected though.